Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) : Part 4: Connect to an Instance with Putty

In Part 3 I talked about launching an instance. I will discuss how to connect to an Amazon EC2 instance with Putty via SSH  step by step.

First import the private key and save it as putty format.

  • Click the Load button, select the private key of the key pair you created before and click Open.

  • You will get the Key import successful message.

  • Click OK, then click Save private Key.

  • You will get a warning message about saving the key without a passphrase, click Yes.

 Next launch Putty to open an SSH session.

Configure Putty to use the PPK file you just saved. Click connection, SSH, and select Auth. Click the browse button next to the Private Key File for authentication field, and select the .PPK file you just created with Puttygen.

Copy your EC2 instance Public DSN to your putty session and click open. Log in with user name ec2-user.

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