Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloud Computing vs Virtualization

Cloud Computing and virtualization are often mentioned together and I have been asked what is the difference between the two recently. There are overlaps for sure. Cloud Computing delivers computing as a pay-per-use service that is based on a pool of virtualized computing resources. Cloud Computing is more from an end user and business perspective while virtualization is more from technology and hardware management perspective.  Virtualization a technology that is available in several forms to allow technical resources to be separated from the physical servers they run on and treated as an abstraction layer. Virtualization is a key part of cloud computing. Amazon AWS is an example of Cloud Computing service.


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  2. Currently I work for Dell and thought your article on virtualization is quite impressive. I think Virtualization technology is software technology which uses a physical resource such as a server and divides it up into virtual resources called virtual machines (VM's).Virtualization allows users to consolidate physical resources, simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements.